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*NEWS 7/12/17*

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*NEWS 7/12/17*
by Holly Lampton - Wednesday, 12 July 2017, 11:07 AM

All memos have been added. Please review and check off that you have read and understand.

Please complete May & June continuing education articles online, even if you have completed them on paper.  Keep in mind, the answers will not be the same as the paper article.  (The answer choices are not always in the same order.)

2 new courses have been added:  Job related new stories and Radio info and updates.  (Check out what Scott has added!)

Site naming contest is still active.  We only have a few suggestions. Please take some time to contribute to our future by adding a name suggestion to the discussion board in the Practice Course. 

If you are having issues getting logged in or navigating, please let your supervisor know.